50 journal prompts for self discovery. handwritten book and a coffee mug

50 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

  1. What are your intentions for this month?
  2. Tell yourself your positive qualities
  3. Describe yourself to a therapist you are seeing for the first time
  4. What part of nature gives you a feeling of wonder, admiration, and amazement
  5. What’s the last thing you learned, and what has been its impact on your life
  6. How do you define success right now
  7. How do you want to feel by 2021
  8. If covid-19 didn’t happen, what would have been better/worse
  9. What does your dream life look like
  10. What is love
  11. Write about ! 0 people you admire and why
  12. Write about a time you really needed help
  13. What kind of movies do you like the most and why
  14. What are you feeling right now
  15. Write a letter to your favorite place
  16. One thing you can do this year that you couldn’t last year
  17. Where do you think you’ll end up living
  18. What advice should you give yourself right now
  19. What frustrates you
  20. Write about a stranger you remember
  21. Write a letter to your future self post-quarantine
  22. What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone
  23. Did the pandemic end or begin your life
  24. Write yourself a message to read on bad days
  25. What advice would your 80-year-old self give you right now
  26. What does self-care mean to you
  27. What are you looking for right now
  28. What are you most excited about after covid
  29. What is your relationship with failure
  30. Describe your dream self
  31. A scene that implies you’ve made it
  32. What are you feeling right now
  33. The best quotes you’ve read from books
  34. Mistakes you’ve made that have shaped who you are
  35.  What are some things you’ve had to unlearn
  36. What was a major turning point in your life
  37. What have you learned in the past 30 days?
  38. Give yourself some advice
  39. How have you changed in the last 5 years
  40. How are you, really
  41. What do you love about your life
  42. What is your favorite topic to talk about
  43. How would you like people to describe you
  44. What is your biggest regret
  45. What quality do you admire the most about yourself
  46. How are you lying to yourself
  47. How do you keep going when the odds are against you
  48. What will you be proud of (when you are 70)
  49. What do you think you’ll miss about now
  50. Write 10 interesting facts about you
  51. What do you bring to the table
  52. What have you learned in the past 30 days?
  53. What do you aim to achieve this month
  54. How do you want to make others feel
  55. What would you do if failure didn’t exist
  56. What kind of movies/books do you like and why
  57. When was the last time you felt alive
  58. List 20 things that make you happy
  59. What are you afraid of right now
  60. What are some amazing things you’ve accomplished so far
  61. When do you feel most relaxed


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