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Things To Do During Quarantine To Have A Glow-Up

We are still in a pandemic, and In this post, I show you things you can do during quarantine to have a glow-up.

I wasted the first few months of quarantine by doing a lot of nothing. One day I just decided to change my life both physically and mentally. I have always had the same goals every year but never worked on them. I want to get out of quarantine feeling like a new person.

this month’s choices are next month’s results.”

I know that you have to choose to go after your goals for any positive change to happen. The easiest way to achieve a glow-up before the year is over is to categorize everything you want to see change.

Things to do during quarantine to have a glow-up;


I have talked about this before, and for the past five years, one of my constant new year’s goals has always been to lose weight. I have always tried something in the first few months but end up giving it all up. This year, I have decided to see it through. I started working out in January, and I’ve not given up, which has surprised me and made me happy.

When it comes to having a glow-up during quarantine, exercise plays a significant role in changing your overall mood and life. Whether you get visible results or not, you’ll most likely become more assertive and more willing to stick to your habits.

Eating habits

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. I realized that I have a habit of binge eating when stressed or bored. This was why I didn’t get any results working out in June. I have had a weird relationship with food my whole life and admitting that problem has helped me move forward.

It will help if you regulate your food intake, which I’ve been doing for the past month. I don’t count calories, but I mentally note the amount of food I consume and avoid junk food, which is more accessible as we don’t store any junk at home.


When looking for things to during quarantine to have a glow-up, self-care comes to mind. Self-care is a journey I’m still working on it this quarantine period and. Psychology Today encompasses taking good care of your body, mind, and soul every day. but my main focus in this journey is:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Taking care of my skin
  • Drinking 2 litres of water a day
  • Being more organized
  • Being more mindful

I have incorporated the above into my daily routine, and by the end of the week, I go back and look at what I did or didn’t do.

Self-care should be the number one focus in glowing up.


I have always loved learning, the perks of being a Gemini, I guess. School, at some point, was boring, but I realize that my love for learning has grown now that I have a choice in what I’m trying to learn. I take free online classes every month, which takes up almost an hour of my day for five days a week, a habit I learned from the five-hour rule, and I love it so far. I am currently taking a course on creative writing from reedsy blogs, and it’s excellent so far.

Since I already read one book per week, I’ve been trying to add one self-help book to the list to build my mental health and motivation.

Self-learning should be part of everyone’s life, be it an art class, a foreign language, etc. Ensure you are continually improving your skills and adding more to the list, especially now that you have time as its quarantine.


Just don’t spend more than you earn and if possible save, That’s all I’d say for now.

For any of these to happen:

  • Develop a routine
  • Routines make habits, which in turn becomes a lifestyle.
  • Record Your progress
  • You can have a calendar and note down your daily progress

Give yourself a break.

Learn to forgive yourself when you fail. Take that break but come back up and don’t give up.

I hope this gives an idea of things you can add to your life during quarantine to have a glow-up

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