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My Weight Loss Journey

I have tried every possible method out there, some being better than the other but the journey continues.

When you look at me all you see is an average-sized girl but I have been on my weight loss journey for 5 years now with no success. I think I weigh about 65kgs if not more and with my 5’7ft height I don’t find it overweight. Everyone has their comfortable body size and weight and mine would be preferably a flat tummy haha…

Anyway, here is what I have tried; Slim tea The first thing I bought was this back in 2015/2016 I can’t remember exactly. This was a total waste of $50/ksh 5000. I followed all the recommended steps and even reduced my food intake but nothing happened. Shortly after that I was back to my unhealthy food habits.

slim tea detox tea for weight loss
slim tea detox for weight loss

Waist TrainersThis was my next step, I started selling waist trainers and corsets back in school around 2017. It was a good business but trying it on myself at first was difficult.

I was constantly out of breath and had a hard time eating anything (which I guess was the point). After a few weeks I got the hang of it but it was not sustainable long term.

waist trainer for weight loss
waist trainer

Exercise I downloaded a certain work out the app to guide me through my exercising phase, I could do 50 crunches and situps daily but I was honestly too lazy to continue as I easily get tired.Apple Cider VinegarHere comes 2018 and I am psyched up about weight loss more than usual so I bought ACV after numerous youtube videos on the same. The taste and smell were offputting but I forced myself to do it religiously. During this time I think I lost a little bit of weight but I would credit my 4th-year project and the number of nights I skipped meals. Maybe ACV helped a little bit, we’ll never know.

apple cider vinegar
apple cider vinegar

Calorie Counting

This was the most effective one so far because I saw some results. Last year I downloaded the app fitness pal and I wrote everything I ate on a notebook daily. I ate 1000 calories every day which I don’t recommend but I lost 2 inches off my waist in two months.
December holidays came and all the weight came back because I stopped counting the calories.I will try combining calorie counting and exercise which I know will work but with the quarantine and my laziness I don’t think it will work.I will have to change my lazy mindset first but till then bye.

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