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How Working Out Changed My Life

I have never loved working out, and I always made excuses that food is 80% of weight loss, and since I can’t stop eating, there is no point.

I posted recently about my entire weight loss journey and how unsuccessful it has been. I picked up exercise last month, and my diet was the same, but I managed to lose an inch off my waist. This time around, I reduced my food intake but have not yet taken any measurement; I can feel some little difference.

I have stuck with the workouts for 2 months now, and many changes have happened, not necessarily physical.

How working out changed my life


It is YOU who needs to be the one who WANTS to make the change.

Everyone knows this, but it is true. It has to be your decision to work, and I know I still have a long way to go, but I am willing to try and get there. I think you should believe in yourself and don’t worry about where others are at in comparison. Slowly but surely, we’ll all get our results.

I learned the importance of consistency.

Consistency in every aspect of life is necessary for any achievement to be realized. I have been using the ‘don’t break a chain method as a tracker to ensure that I stay on track, and so far, it has been working. Having an accountability partner can also help you stay focused.

I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been

Right now, I am at my heaviest weight for sure, even though I haven’t stepped on a scale recently (I’m not planning to for the foreseeable future). Working out has made me feel lighter and healthier; I can’t explain it. I have reduced my food intake by half, and maybe that’s a contributing factor, but I generally feel good.

I no longer have excuses.

Most of the time, life gets in the way, and we stop, but for me, I have been free with quarantine and studies on hold; there’s no reason to have an excuse. This trickles down to all other areas of life, so you have to try maybe it will be the same for you too.

I feel better after a workout. 

I never thought I’d say this, but it’s happening, and it’s shocking me. I feel better after I work out; it’s like I can do anything. Nothing seems too hard to conquer. Even if I’m not yet at my goal, I feel better about my body.

My mood is boosted

My confidence level has increased a little, and I have realized that self-discipline is achievable as much as it’s hard. You need to put in some effort.

Anything is possible

If I can get my lazy self out of bed and work out, anyone can do it. My siblings are even shocked that I have been consistently working out as I had never stuck to it before. With this newfound energy, I believe anything you want to do is possible, even if it seems impossible.

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