13 Reasons Why You Need To Start Journaling


When most people hear the word journaling, a secret teenage diary comes to mind (at least to my friends), but it is more than that, and it is time everyone gives the practice the respect it deserves.

I have always journaled mainly through diaries and different notebooks growing up, but I never knew its importance till I picked up the habit again in 2019.

Benefits Of Journaling from my experience

To learn more about myself

I have learned more about myself in the past year because of journaling. With daily writing, you’re growing and learning as a person, and in return, you start to know more about yourself. Eventually, you begin to see the changes in yourself that you never imagined possible.

Keep my emotions in check.

Journaling has always been an emotional outlet for me, and I know this works for many other people. It’s good to be in touch with your emotions and work to understand them better.

By writing it down, you can understand your triggers and how to deal with them. It’s also helpful to let out your anger and frustrations on a book instead of a person.

Improves my mood

This ties with the previous point as I’ve personally seen that writing my feelings down, especially the sad ones, my mood gets better instantly.

Become a better writer

One of my dreams is to be an author one day. Developing a daily habit of writing my emotions and anything generally helps me know how to describe things on paper and build a practice of daily writing.

If this applies to you as well, then maybe start journaling.

Store my memories

I love knowing how I dealt with situations in the past or just having my memories in a place where I can go back and experience them again.

Using photos helps with preserving memories, but I love reading and journaling more as it can help with noting important events in detail.

Know my opinion on things

Sometimes I tend to have a dilemma regarding situations in society and even in the news. Writing whatever is on your mind can help you figure what your opinion on that specific situation is.

Practice self-discipline

Self-discipline has always been a challenge to me, and journaling has helped with it. 

Sticking to a routine where you write every night before bed helps you stick to the habit and improve your self-discipline.

When I have nothing to write, which happens more often than I’d like, I follow journal prompts, which helps.

Organize your thoughts

It has helped me organize my thoughts, and my overthinking habit has reduced a ton.

Set and Achieve your goals

It is one thing to have new year goals in your mind, but it’s another to write them down. Writing helps you monitor your progress and keeps you motivated to see to it that you achieve your next goal.

You should keep a record of even the tiniest of goals alongside your accomplishments.

Record Your Ideas

If you’re like me with a dream of writing, this is the best thing to do. Ideas sometimes pop out of nowhere, and noting them down may help with your book writing. It is also essential to a business, you may come up with the best business idea, and without noting it down, you’ll likely forget it.

For Self-reflection

Given how our lives are always so busy, except maybe for this quarantine period. It is good to have a way to stop and look back on ourselves, what we’ve achieved, our mistakes, and even reflect on what we are thankful for.

It’s essential for any inner growth to occur

Inspire creativity

By writing down what you are thinking, you may end up discovering how creative you actually are.

Boosts Your Memory

The more you write, the more your brain remembers. From my experience, I tend to recall anything that I noted down in my diary in detail, which shows that my mind is becoming stronger.


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